Dermaceutic® Foamer 15 Exfoliant Foam


Glycolic acid 15% – Exfolianting Cleaning Foam

Foamer 15 eliminates impurities and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and silky.
Glycolic acid encourages cell renewal and reveals younger-looking skin.
Enoxolone, an extract of liquorice root, is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Vegetable glycerine moisturises the surface layer of the skin.
Quaternised foaming coconut oil, with its anti-irritant properties, protects the skin from excessive dryness and also possesses anti-microbial qualities.
Its active foaming format is simple and convenient to use, and dispenses exactly the amount needed. Its balanced pH preserves the skin’s natural balance and ingredients allow deep penetration of the glycolic acid for optimum results.


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